Berardino exemplifies changing role of sports reporter


Mike Berardino – Image from his Twitter profile

Mike Berardino is the beat writer covering the Minnesota Twins for the St. Paul Pioneer Press. He is one of my favorite Twins reporters for a couple of reasons. First, he does a great job of writing short stories or blog posts about the players off the field. Recently, Berardino wrote a piece about a group of Twins players inviting Byung Ho Park, the newest member of the Twins, over to watch ‘The Bachelor’. While some readers might complain that the story is not news, I like the fact that he is showing the players’ personality and giving readers a different perspective of their favorite team.

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The second thing that I like about Berardino is how active and engaging he is on Twitter. He constantly responds to fans questions and goes above and beyond in his live-tweeting of games or press conferences. In our 24/7 online media-driven world, it is incredibly important to self-promote yourself and your work, and Berardino does a great job of this through Twitter. For me, to differentiate my work so that it stands out on its own, I just need to be myself, tell the stories that need to be told, while still listening to my audiences’ needs.

Finally, I like how Berardino almost paints a picture in describing a situation in a game, like in this piece describing a home run. It is easy to just write what happened, but there is so much more that happens on a particular play that the reader might not have had the opportunity to witness. This is something that I can definitely incorporate into my own writing, especially as the soft ball beat writer for The Daily Cardinal. At the same time, Berardino knows when getting the information out is just as important, such as in this piece. Knowing when to add some “spice” to a story and when to just get the information out is an important skill for any journalist to master.