Morse gives advice to future PR pros


Image courtesy of Morse’s LinkedIn page

Dustin Morse is the Senior Director of Communications for the Minnesota Twins. In an interview for Front Office Sports, Morse talks about his path from the University of Wisconsin- Madison, to the Baseball Hall of Fame, to how he ended up working for his hometown team.

Morse gives some really good advice, particularly about how he overcame his struggle with getting an internship. He sent out resumes to 8 or 9 teams and was rejected by all of them. He realized that he needed to find ways to stick out from the competition.

“This was around my Sophomore/Junior year, I was told that my classmates were my friends but they were also my competition when it came to finding a job,” Morse told Front Office Sports. “That was when I started volunteering around campus with different departments in order to build up a resume that showed I was being proactive and trying to gain valuable experience.”

After a year of gaining experience, Morse was able to get an internship with the Baseball Hall of Fame.

This is something that I have found to be true about myself. Knowing that I need to acquire more experience, I have added activities, such as writing for The Daily Cardinal and becoming more active with the Sports Business Club on campus, which will help me gain experience and stick out from the competition. I also now know not to get discouraged when getting rejected for an internship-it only takes one opportunity.

Another valuable piece of advice that Morse gives is about making connections. We are told about how crucial it is to network and make valuable contacts on LinkedIn, but that is even more important in the sports industry. Morse was able to secure interviews, and eventually the jobs, with the Texas Rangers and San Diego Padres because of connections he had previously made.

I have been trying to be more proactive on LinkedIn and this story helps reinforce the importance of being connected in the sports industry. This is a really difficult industry to get into, however after reading this story, I am more determined than ever.

Morse offers some great advice about what teams are looking for in future interns and about interviewing. He says that they are always looking at how involved someone is/was on campus because time management is crucial in the sports industry.

“I can teach someone how to do the work we are doing, but I can’t teach time management or the ability to handle the pace at which we work,” Morse told Front Office Sports. “Working in baseball you have to be ready to handle the unexpected.”

The Twins receive hundreds of resumes for their internships so if someone is lucky enough to get an interview, Morse has some advice.

“If you get an interview, do your homework on who you will be talking to, the team’s roster, and the people in the organization you will be working with,” Morse told Front Office Sports. “Our department spends a lot of time together, we don’t want to hire a robot, we want to hire someone that we get along with and can have fun while still getting our job done.”

Morse offers some final advice to students still in college.

“Enjoy every opportunity you have and learn from people that are offering to teach you,” Morse said. “You never know what could be a once in a lifetime opportunity.”